Miss Teen International : Discovering Starlets

Miss Teen International, the first international pageant owned by India. Miss Teen International was started in 1993 by Enrique Gonzalez in Costa Rica. The pageant beccame the world's most prestigious teen title of the world. Miss Teen International produced winner who later became famous across the world. In 2016, the pageant was acquired by Nikhil Anand and the pageant will be held in India for the first time.

Lauryn Eagle, Yara Lasanta, Mayra Matos, Nazareth Cascante and Valerie Hernandez have been the most popular Miss Teen International.

Miss Teen International will be held in different countries since 2016. The chairman of Miss Teen International - Nikhil Anand stated that he is willing to take the pageant to a new level with high production quality and worldwide telecast of the pageant. This will not only draw lots of attention across the world but also bring more aspirants. The target is to have more than 80 delegates per year by 2018.

What's there in for Miss Teen International will be disclosed upon the upcoming edition of it. Miss Teen International 2016 will be held in India.

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