In a nutshell about us


If you are willing to rediscover branding and build a good promotion campaign for your company, the idea of working with us has probably been on the agenda at some point in your career.

Glamanand is a company which is into Media, Beauty Pageants, Award functions. Glamanand's events are custom-designed to create a platform for New faces, modelling aspirants as well as Brand Communication and amplification.
Our business is to discover fresh faces for the industry, Provide them with all the resources they need to become a Professional model and then a grand exposure in the fashion Industry to sail like Sindbad in this industry of their dreams!
Communicating on ground zero gives us an edge over Other beauty pageants.
We believe Events and entertainment are the most powerful tools of communication. They are undoubtedly the trend setters and market mover and hence makes us a radical Admin of the industry! We are henceforth authorized to Provide maximum visibility and interaction of the brands with their audience. 

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why us

We make dreams come true.

Ever dreamed to a Miss India? Ever dreamed to be a Supermodel?  Or Miss Teen India? International Title holder? A life like a celebrity. We give you the platform.

Our company has a huge number of opportunities for the talented individuals in modelling industry.

We see modelling industry as an immense field of self-expression and experiments that contains a lot of possibilities for the talented individuals.

A great association to boost the brand reach, attention assured .

Ever thought of a specific public attention for your brand. We give you special attention and huge number of eyeballs for your brand name.

Miss Teen International

Glamanand acquired Miss Teen International. Here's what you need to know!
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