Miss Teen India is established with an advent of National Teen pageant of India in 2016, opening up the buds of possibility of power a pageant can exhibit to change and revolutionize the world. In 53 years span, India fabricated many beauty queens and emerged as one of the powerhouse of Beauty Queens. India has been producing quality models for years and now it’s time for the teens to come forward and spread their charm. Miss Teen India will provide a precious platform where a dream to be a beauty queen will be lived at an early age.

Nonetheless, 2016 will mark a reverent space at Miss Teen International with a new, fresh and fervent delegate being adorned with the first official Miss Teen India. Glamanand seeks to bring out the best assets of the delegate by molding them in new facets and bringing out the qualities by fashioning them with requisite and vital norms of Miss Teen International.. The sole focus of the pageant is to unearth a suitable candidate who could be the next Miss Teen International.

Source: Miss Teen India website

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