Our Pageants

Over the years, we have established a strong reputation for our events, with the winners becoming prominent figures in their respective industries.

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Miss Universe India

India’s cultural diversity and magnificence allow us to embrace countless customs and talents. The Miss Universe India Organization aims to recognize and elevate these gems, providing them a platform to shine internationally. Glamanand is leading a pageant revolution in India, bringing glory to its people on the global Miss Universe stage.

Miss Teen Diva

Miss Teen Diva, organized by Glamanand Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., stands as a beacon of excellence in the Indian beauty pageant landscape. With a mission to discover and empower young women who possess the drive to create positive change, this prestigious national pageant provides a platform for talented teens to shine both nationally and internationally.

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Mrs. India

Mrs. India, an esteemed beauty contest, celebrating the multifaceted brilliance of married women worldwide. Organized by visionary minds, this platform transcends beauty to honor intelligence, compassion, and resilience. Our mission is clear -  to amplify the voices of married women, empowering them to create positive change.

Mr. India Universe

Mr. Universe, an esteemed international competition, reverently celebrates the pinnacle of physical prowess and unwavering mental fortitude. Orchestrated by forward-thinking visionaries, this illustrious platform transcends mere muscularity, bestowing honor upon discipline, unwavering dedication, and indomitable resilience. Its noble mission remains unequivocal: to amplify the voices of male athletes, thereby inspiring countless others to strive for greatness.

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Other Events and Awards

National Entrepreneurship Awards 

Glamanand believes in advocating for India’s brilliant business minds and in empowering these exceptional leaders. By celebrating their outstanding achievements and recognizing their unwavering credibility and innovative spirit, Glamanand provides them a platform to shine. Glamanand inspires a new generation of business visionaries, igniting a spark of creativity and resilience that fuels India’s economic landscape.

Beauty High Influencer Awards 

A grand celebration, honouring the best influencers across various domains, including beauty, fashion, fitness, and lifestyle. Our prestigious awards recognize both well-known and emerging influencers who positively impact our lives through their personalities, knowledge, and expertise. 

National Fashion Awards 

Celebrating the magic and power of Indian fashion that honors fashion designers, models, photographers, and every other tier of individuals who contribute to the Indian fashion industry. Aimed at providing a platform for the fashion community, supporting and honoring earnest professionals who contribute to the success of the Indian fashion industry

New Delhi Fashion Week

Organising glamorous events that showcase the latest trends, designs, and creativity in the Indian fashion industry. Aimed to bring together talented Indian and international designers, models, celebrities, and fashion enthusiasts to celebrate style and innovation. 

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